A lot of people, females in particular, struggle with weight loss. From where to start and what types of exercises and training to do, to diet and nutrition there is a lot to learn. And as the fitness industry is rife with misinformation (especially when it comes to nutrition), it’s no wonder people are struggling with their weight.

My name is Danni, I have created this page to share my own experiences with different types of dieting; what I have found works and doesn’t work and the reasons why / why not. I'm passionate about promoting the benefits of an active, balanced lifestyle. I also am the founder of Fit Meet, a mobile app that connects people based on their sport and location to find training partners. It is a free app on iOS and android, available worldwide and I have created this to connect like-minded people with similar fitness goals and interests, to help keep make it easier for people to become more active. By having an accountability partner for extra motivation, it makes fitness more fun and more social and makes it easier for people to stick to their goals.  

I am not selling magic beans or expensive weight loss shakes and I am not promoting low calorie low carb diets or any other quick fix bogus meal plans, because they simply do not work long term.  But I do know what does. Eating the right amounts for you and your goals. And having balance and moderation. 

Given the right information, it is possible to manage your weight for good by creating long-term sustainable lifestyle changes instead of having to resort to restrictive dieting. Gone are the days of suffering through a “diet” to lose weight. There is an easier way. 

My course 'Real Food for Real People: Nutrition Success for Life' is an in depth explanation of how to get on top of your nutrition, for good. And it's all done with real food. 

I want to encourage women be fit, healthy, strong and confident! Ladies, get in to the weights room and throw some heavy stuff around!! So many women are afraid of lifting weights as they think they will get too 'bulky' however this simply is not the case. We have way too much oestrogen for this, which means it is difficult for us to build a lot of muscle, yet easy for us to store fat. (Great…) Guys, you have the testosterone, which helps with muscle growth and fat loss – lucky you!

However weights may not be everyone's cup of tea, and I am a big advocate of finding something you ENJOY doing, and simply getting out there and moving more. 

If you take the right approach to your nutrition and training, and eat to fuel your body, and also for enjoyment instead of starving to try and lose weight then you will naturally succeed.