This stuff has got to be at the top of a very long list of products that are a blatant waste of money. Not only that, the majority of these quick fixes are actually very dangerous. They are not magic weight loss products, they do not give you any benefits over eating real food and most of these products are actually full of bogus ingredients that are not even good for you.

Isagenix promote themselves as a weight loss organisation. It is simply a meal replacement system, and quite blatantly a pyramid sales scheme.

MLM, network marketing, or whatever else you want to call it, Isagenix is a pyramid scheme plain and simple. Any product that you cannot buy via normal retail channels is suspect, and the fact that this company advocates its members to bring even more people in to the scheme shows that it is a pyramid organisation. You make more money by getting more people on to your “team” or down line.

I have a number of issues with Isagenix. First being the company structure – I will never understand anyone who wants to make money off their friends and family. I do understand people want to make money, and that a lot of people are lazy hence why something like this could appeal for a split second. However, when the product is inferior and you are ripping people off in a bid to better your own financial circumstances then that is when I think you are a bad person. (More about the actual products later). 

Financial freedom is something most people dream of. It is possible if you are smart about it. There are ways to bring in residual income without selling your soul in the process. It is hard work and nothing comes easy because if it did everyone would be doing it.

Here is the thing. You are NOT going to get rich by partaking in a pyramid scheme. The reason these schemes “work” is because they are dependent on the individuals they suck in to buying these products. They are making money off YOU, not off the people you intend to sell to.

The company depends on the new “members” buying in to the products. Yes you could make money from selling these products (in theory) however what the company depends on to make its money is the fact most people will fail. That is their plan. They do not want you to succeed and they do not care if you make money or not; but if you want to be a part of it, and if you want financial freedom, then you must buy these products first, and THEN sell them. You are the buyer in this case.

Another thing; there is no regard for market supply or demand. And the further down the chain you are the more difficult it is to actually make any money. It is estimated that 90% of people who get involved in a pyramid scheme will lose their money. That’s lose, not break even. And hence the ones at the top continue to rake it in. Pyramid schemes are great if you are the fat cat at the top. But if you are anywhere else in that triangle then you are wasting your time.

The other issue with so many of these organisations is the actual products themselves. I understand that some people are stupid. They will swap a 500 calorie meal for a 100 calorie shake and lose weight and believe it must be the magic Isagenix shake right? No. It is calories in vs calories out plain and simple. It is NOT a magic shake. But you don’t know what you don’t know, so I can see where some people may get confused. Correlation and causation are 2 different things. People will attribute the weight loss with the shake when it’s actually got nothing to do with it. It is the overall calorie deficit that has caused it.

To lose weight you must be at a calorie deficit. As in you must eat LESS than you are expending energy-wise. And this can be done with real food. Shock horror you can actually eat food and lose weight.

Isagenix promote their products and their cleanse system as weight loss tools. This is false advertising IMO. Yes, people will lose weight if they simply start swapping out food for lower calorie shakes, however it is not down to the products themselves and it is not sustainable long term. If you were to lose weight using these products by eating at a huge deficit, then once you go back to eating normally then the weight goes back on. So you must then complete the program again. Do you see how this cycle could continue on and on, all the while costing hundreds of thousands of dollars? This is part of their plan.

These weight loss quick fixes do not solve any problems long term. They do not educate people and teach them how to create something themselves long term. They do not advocate taking a long term approach or making permanent lifestyle changes, and this is why they fail in the long run. This is also why there is such a huge problem with obesity. People are buying in to these schemes, seeing results quickly, losing weight, but then not being able to keep it off. Their options are to try the program again or give up. It must be extremely frustrating going through this cycle and not knowing why the weight keeps going back on. I know, I have been through it myself, not with any of these stupid products, but with low calorie diets in the past.

Your metabolism will adapt to the lower calories. It will slow and your body will try to make do with less. As soon as your calorie intake goes back up to normal or what it was before, your body will automatically want to store as much fat as possible. You will gain everything back that you lost and probably more.

These products cause issues with metabolism. These products promote starvation and deprivation, which ultimately lead to bingeing and failure. This can then very easily lead to further emotional or mental issues like eating disorders, or depression and low self esteem. It is all linked. And to put your body in such a severe deficit, its only natural reaction is to fight back, crave, and binge. Your body will say enough is enough and cry out for food and calories sooner or later.

Then people think it’s their fault they cannot stick to a simple weight loss plan. It is not. You cannot trick your body. If your BMR is 2,000 calories (that is your requirement to simply exist without exercise) and you are consuming less than 1,300 on an Isagenix 30 day nutritional cleansing plan, then you are going to have a bad time. You’re setting yourself up for failure right from the beginning and it is not your fault you can’t stick to it; it’s the law of thermodynamics and physics.

The 30 day cleanse system is exactly that. It is a combination of bogus cleansing products and extremely low calorie snack options. A day on this program looks like this:

Breakfast – 2x Isalean Shakes (240 cals, 24P 5F 24C)

Snack (average 89 cals)

Lunch 400-600 calorie meal of your choice

Snack (average 89 cals)

Dinner 2x Isalean Shakes (240 cals)

This is on a NORMAL day (“cleanse days” are even worse). Total calories - 1,240. And this is using the highest meal option for lunch. That is the definition of starvation, and is literally less food than what prisoners were given in starvation camps when they were starved to death. This is serious. The snack options are as follows:

Isagenix Slim cake (90 cals 2P 2F 20C)

1 hard-boiled egg (139cals 12.4P 9.5F 0.7C)

Celery Stalks 200g (30 cals, 1.2P 0.2F 2.4C)

4 (YES fu*king 4!!!!) cashew nuts/walnuts (87cals 1.53P 3.6F 1.4C)

Averaging 89 cals. Yes, 89 miserable, measly calories!!! What an absolute joke and no wonder people are getting really messed up on this program! That is NOT NORMAL. You must be eating more than this! I personally eat close to 3,000 calories a day at the time of writing this (2,954 to be exact) yes I am in a muscle building phase, I have reverse dieted and I complete 7x training sessions per week, however this meal plan is just over one THIRD of what I eat each day. And I’m a chick. I could not fathom a snack of less than 400 calories. 89 calories what is that, a snack for ants??!!

Then there are the cleanse days. You CANNOT cleanse your body with a particular product. There is no such thing as a true cleanse or a detox unless you are talking about dialysis. Your body cleanses and detoxes itself. It’s called your liver and it does a damn fine job on its own without any bogus bullshit products.

The cleansing product has dire side affects as well, including diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. Not the most pleasant way to lose weight and most definitely not the healthiest. You risk losing valuable electrolytes and suffering from dehydration for a start. There are online forums for these terrible products and I have seen multiple posts of people experiencing terrible side effects such as these, yet the idiots running the pages tell them this is normal and to keep going. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. This is NOT an appropriate, safe, or normal way to lose weight. If you are taking something and experiencing this then my advice would be to stop using the product immediately.

There are also concerns about the high levels of Vitamin A in some of the products, levels so high they go against the recommendations of The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics.

Isagenix products and their claims have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (The TGA is a division of the Australian Department of Health).  

Isagenix products and their claims have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (The USFDA is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services).

Dr. Harriet A Hall (B.A, M.D - you can find her credentials here ) wrote a review of Isagenix a few years ago after she received an enquiry about the product:

And for an even better read, her responses to some of the comments posted after the article:


Isagenix is simply a bogus marketing organisation, with no scientific substance behind their products or claims. Not only is it a complete and utter waste of money, their products are also extremely dangerous in terms of your health. Time and time again this has been proven yet people will still use the products because "it worked for them” or for their aunty, or their friend, or whoever else has used it and wants to make a quick buck off any unsuspecting individuals who don’t know any better.

Don’t buy in to the hype. Use your brain. Be smart about weight loss. Eat real food, exercise, and enjoy life (and save your money).