It's just marketing

Setting an example, and acting with integrity is something that not enough people do IMO. The fitness industry is rife with people misrepresenting themselves and to be honest I am sick of it. I see people making false claims about their credentials, and misrepresenting who they are in order to gain fame.

I see people more concerned about getting likes and followers than they are about fitness and actually helping others to achieve their goals.  To be honest I see straight through this. I have been in sales for over 10 years, I know marketing, blatant bullshit and a rip off when I see it. This isn’t what the fitness industry should be about. It should be about helping others. Spreading your knowledge and actually helping people because you love it and you’re passionate about it, not because you want to exploit the uneducated and vulnerable for cash. There are still so many trainers and coaches that do not have their clients’ best interests at heart and it is disappointing to be seeing sell outs like this being taken seriously over and over again.

Outright lying is more common than you think. I see people making statements about achievements that are not even remotely true, simply in order to gain popularity in an attempt to make a name for themselves. Fake transformations, bullshit claims about products, attaching themselves to other fitness professionals under false pretences, the list goes on. Newsflash, this does not work forever. And while some people may be fooled, it is only a matter of time before these kinds of people are all called out. You can only survive on bullshit for a certain amount of time before people see what is truly underneath.

Social media has made the fitness industry what it is today. Instagram has single-handedly made it easier for people to become “online coaches” and exploit the system. People with no credentials but a tonne of “fitness” selfies are now selling meal plans online like they are some kind of experts. There is no regulation. And there are no consequences when their “clients” suffer from eating disorders, and health issues from these stupid low calorie plans. Yet they have a massive online following therefore their opinions are valued. Since when did someone’s Instagram account become the equivalent of a qualification? That’s not to say experience cant be discounted, but when you have the likes of Charlotte and Vicki from Geordie Shore, without an ounce of knowledge on nutrition or fitness, selling diet plans, then something is seriously wrong. That’s fucked. What’s even more fucked is that people are stupid enough to buy in to it. 3 minute belly blitz! Please. Don’t be fooled. All it is is marketing and so many people are STILL being sucked in time and time again. Use your brain! Quick fixes are a blatant scam!

Marketing is everywhere, and that is how people are gaining traction. There are trainers and coaches out there who are nothing other than glorified personal trainers (if that) with marketing teams. Cue Michelle Bridges and Ashy Bines to name just two. What these to imbeciles promote as a “healthy lifestyle” is nothing more than starvation. This isn’t helping anyone. Yes you get results short term, but it is not sustainable to operate on such low calories forever. Sooner or later something has to give, and your body will shut down. You need to put fuel in your car for it to go. Our bodies are the same. No food, well you wont be able to function.

Yet, the public perceive these people to be knowledgeable which to be honest is quite concerning. People like this don’t have a place in the industry anymore. Fitness industry professionals have an obligation to be up to date with the latest research and information. To be peddling out-dated protocols, and telling women to eat a dangerously low amount of calories to drop weight is down right irresponsible. MLM companies are the same. People with no interest in nutrition, with an extremely old fashioned idea of consuming 1200 cals a days to drop weight clearly have no idea what they are talking about. All of a sudden someone is a nutrition coach because they have bought in to some bullshit isagenix herbalife scheme and lost a few pounds. Please.

MLM companies infuriate me. Anyone who is honestly interested in their health and well being, and in helping others would steer clear of these. For one the company structure is a blatant pyramid scheme, poorly attempting to disguise itself as something it’s not behind some bullshit products. Just because they are selling a product does not counter the fact that it is in fact a pyramid scheme. Look it up, that is how they operate.

These companies KNOW that you aren’t going to make money off selling the products. They KNOW that their sales come from signing up new “coaches” and distributors, and the products that they have to buy to be a part of it, NOT from them actually selling the products or making profit themselves. Their financial freedom stories and just that; stories. And it all comes down to marketing. Marketing and hype. And the fact you have to sell your soul, and lose all of your friends to be a part of it. It’s like a cult and they are brainwashing every last individual who they suck in.

If you for a second think that you can make money from a network marketing business then you are sadly mistaken. I am not saying it’s impossible, but I am saying that for the amount of work involved there are far better ways to utilise your time IMO. And anyone involved in these companies has zero credibility or integrity. Those are 2 qualities that you are going to need to be truly successful, and last.

What I see people preaching, and what goes on behind their closed doors are two separate things. Trainers I know posting pictures of “clean eating” preaching a clean lifestyle, yet its common knowledge to those in the industry they are taking drugs to get lean (and advising their clients to!) and they pig out on cheat meals every other weekend as well! Saying you shouldn’t eat cake, but then taking drugs. I hardly think that PEDs are “clean.” I have nothing against anyone who uses I really don’t. But when you state that you achieve a certain physique from “clean eating” when clearly that is not the case then that leaves you with zero credibility as far as I’m concerned. These people are part of the problem. Pro status or not it doesn’t matter its still a damn double standard and it’s a joke. Marketing yourself as one thing when you really are something else is lying.

That’s what the fitness industry has sadly become. An industry full of liars. Obviously not everyone, and there are a still lot of decent, genuine people who do have their clients best interests at heart, and are truly passionate about what they do. There are good ones. They are few and far between, but they are the ones who will still be standing long after all of the fake ones have been taken out.

Then there are the trainers who may be good, and they do offer some good information but they somehow think of themselves as a bit of a celebrity. The posts I see asking for follows or likes then they will post something else or do some giveaway to me look desperate. Yes, getting traction simply by providing good content does take longer. But to be honest good content to me, trumps anyone with thousands of followers on Instagram. I’m more of a quality over quantity person. I like real people. You can tell the difference between the people who know what they are talking about, do their own research and are passionate, to the ones who simply hire a marketing guru and do exactly as they are told. It is so blatantly obvious! And it’s a little sickening to be honest.

I have been seeing these things go on and on for some time, and I am over it. You don’t have to have millions of followers to determine your self worth. You shouldn’t have to ask people to like things and tag others to get likes. How pathetic does it look? Even if you do have tonnes of followers, instagram is not real life. Being humble, being passionate and having integrity trumps any amount of social media bullshit if you ask me. Be honest with yourself, and be real. Because there are too many fake people in this industry already we don’t need any more. Don’t be a sell out!