Eat The Cake

Unsure where to start with this one.

Let’s just say That Sugar Film and it’s wonderful followers have gotten my creative juices flowing on this fine winters evening. I wont blame it entirely on them, this has been a long time coming but I will say it has tipped me over the edge and really bought to light again some of the major issues that are still very current in not just the fitness industry, but in general.

To have an opinion on health, nutrition and food is fine. To have researched, and found something that “works for you” (pardon the use of that godforsaken term I despise) then that is fine. To have reasons for dieting and eating the way you do is completely fine too.

To force those opinions on to others is really not that fine, but possibly understandable when one is so passionate about the cause (say, vegetarians who choose that lifestyle for ethical reasons). But, to force those opinions on others, and use pseudoscience, lies, fear mongering and outright woo to do so is not on. In fact, it’s fucking rude. Ignorance is NO excuse, and neither is stupidity however this does seem to be the main cause of this not so new phenomenon that has taken over not just the fitness industry, but also the entire world. All of a sudden everyone now seems to have an opinion on what everyone else is doing and it’s getting out of hand.

Well, to have an opinion is one thing. To have an uneducated opinion is another. To have blatant disregard for scientific reasoning, research and evidence yet still continue to peddle your opinion to the masses is well and truly irresponsible. Yet, it continues to happen on a day-to-day basis.

I understand why a vegetarian may want to be a vegetarian for ethical reasons, I do. But I will never be a vegetarian. I don’t want to, and to be perfectly honest vegetarians shouldn’t care that I don’t want to be one. The problem is that, many vegetarians do care. They say that their way is the ONLY way, and that no one should be eating the poor animals because “people weren’t designed to eat animals.” Well that is absolutely 100% false. Health-wise, animal protein is the best protein we can get. And health-wise, it is not really optimal to be a vegetarian anyway; iron levels need to be monitored for one. Yet there are people out there, not only blatantly believing this nonsense, but also pushing it upon others as fact. It is not.

Much like the anti-sugar brigade. Stop with the fucking fear mongering. If you don’t want to eat sugar, then fine. Don’t eat it. I couldn’t care less, plus all the more for me anyway (#gains) 

But when people go around spouting absolute fucking nonsense pertaining to sugar, and BLAMING sugar for the obesity epidemic then that is simply false and misleading.  I am the first to admit that many foods high in sugar are very easy to overeat, and thus lead to a calorie surplus (which does matter BTW, anyone who thinks looking at calorie intake is “out-dated” please enlighten me on your magical ways of controlling body composition without doing so, and provide peer reviewed research to support your claims). But sugar itself is not to blame. Not in the slightest. It is fine to have sugar as part of a balanced diet (key word there, balanced) if you want to, in moderation. If you don’t, then don’t. But while you are over in the corner having your sugar-fat-gluten-dairy-free brownies (which are made of what, by the way??) don’t give us cake lovers “that look” thank you very much. I am unsure why it bothers people so much that some people enjoy the odd sugary donut or other treat here and there. Perhaps it’s the fact they have not themselves succeeded in the eternal quest of having a good relationship with food and being able to stop at just one Timtam. It’s also completely incorrect to state that we “don’t need carbs in our diets.” Some people may not think they do (they’re wrong but if they’re happy being wrong… and hungry… then cool) but unless you are some kind of freak, you simply cannot sustain a no-carb lifestyle forever. Plus if you cannot admit carbs are freaken delicious at least, then I really feel for you.

The same goes for artificial sweeteners – many people don’t want to consume these because they believe there to be adverse affects from including them as part of a balanced diet. That’s fine to not want to consume artificial sweeteners, but to incorrectly tell others they shouldn’t either because they are poison and “toxic” is wrong. W R O N G. There is NO evidence to suggest that artificial sweeteners, when incorporated in a healthy, balanced (there’s that wonderful word again, balanced) diet cause any adverse reactions. A study on rodents, where they were pumped full of artificial sweeteners in quantities had it been in humans, would be more than physically impossible to consume, does not prove shit sorry. Well, it proves that we can make rats do whatever we want… Hooray!

Having an opinion, living a lifestyle that you like and that works for you (shudder) is great. Pushing it on to others, not so great. Worrying about what others are doing, also not so great, or productive really. Pushing an ideal on to others AND using false, misleading, bullshit claims to do so, is fucking low. If you really, really don’t know any better then shame on you. The first rule of nutrition is to look at the facts subjectively. Well the first rule is to eat because food is delicious and should be enjoyed. But lets say the second rule, when looking at evidence and research it’s probably best to look at all of the available data, and then form an unbiased opinion based on your findings. Rather than form an opinion, then go souring the inter-web for articles to back up your claims. There is a study for everything. Look at them ALL, not just the ones you happen to agree with, or ones that were funded by companies who want to sway your opinion a certain way (MLM anyone?).

In conclusion, there is a LOT of bullshit out there. It’s perpetuated by people who either don’t know any better (but should), or people that for some reason think you should be doing exactly what they are doing. Don’t. Do whatever you want. Worry about yourself. And don’t get sucked in to the crap. And don’t make shit up! Because like it or not, science can prove a lot of things. Hearsay can’t.

And if some data comes out that shows artificial sweeteners are “poison” after all, well you only live once so have that sugarfree rockstar if you really want it and don’t let anyone stop you. Do what you want!