Stop Buying in to the Bullshit

We all know the fitness industry has some major flaws, and there are a few of us who are vocal about these issues. There is a clear divide between two very obvious sides; one full of fakery looking to rort the system and take advantage of the uneducated for a quick buck, and then the other; those wanting to help others, but quite blatantly sick of the bullshit who struggle with the eternal battle between simply letting some things go, or continuing to fight the good fight against what the fitness industry has become. It’s frustrating, and it’s draining. And it’s disappointing to see that some of us are buying in to the bullshit and drifting away from the overall message needed to cut through all of the noise.

Why people must continue to “call out” others is beyond me. For fucks sake just stop. Pushing a positive message, promoting balance, happiness, and overall GOOD HEALTH is what we need. Not the ‘he said, she said’ kindergarten crap. Get the fuck over it. By creating statuses targeting people directly it just begins an online shitstorm, which then creates more unnecessary drama that the industry quite frankly could do without. We have enough of that amongst those on the side of the bullshit, so if you really do want to push for a change how about promoting the good? Encouraging people to be healthy, encouraging people to move more and get active, and encouraging people to have balance and educate themselves on diet and nutrition I believe will do far more good than targeting those who do things a little differently to you and trying to bring them down.

Promote the good in what you do. Provide decent, unbiased, honest common sense information that can HELP people. Because if you truly want to help, then this is going to be a far more effective approach than bagging others to try and get a name for yourself; if this is what you’re doing, then you are not on my team.

I will always promote the benefits of a healthy balanced lifestyle, but I refuse to align myself with the fake bullshit that the fitness industry is now rife with. That is not fitness. And it does not promote good health one little bit. What the fitness industry now promotes is unrealistic body images, extremes and restriction. And I am done with it. 

I’ve gotten sucked in to online debates in the past about who is right, and why. It’s a waste of time. I could have spent that time writing encouraging words on how to start on your fitness journey, how to create long term healthy habits, and worked on how to inspire those around me to become more active and put their health as a priority. This is what fitness should be. But it’s not. So fuck fitness I say, I’m in the health industry. I’m in the business of promoting balance and the benefits of an active lifestyle. I’m in the business of helping those who might not know where to start, and need a little motivation. I’m in the business of encouraging people to get active, because quite simply this is what the world needs. And I'm in the business of ignoring those who want to be negative and unproductive. 

The fitness industry is intimidating to those on the outside. It’s too hard-core, and its too extreme. It’s not welcoming, its not encouraging, nor is it inspiring. No wonder the populations’ health is becoming a major issue.

Obesity rates are rising at a very concerning rate. By the year 2020, 6 million Australians will be classed as overweight or obese. This is obscene. Yet it’s our own fault. Those wanting to help others, rather than encourage, are so stuck on what is the “right or wrong” amount of reps according to a fucking text-book they are failing to see the bigger picture.

The solution is simple. Encourage people to move more, and help to promote a balanced lifestyle. If you really want to make a change, this is going to be how we do it. Stop with the extremes, and stop with the arguing with those who are simply not worth it. As soon as you try to change someone’s mind on something they feel very strongly about, you are steering them towards defending their opinion even more staunchly. Forget them and focus on those who need help, because there is an extremely large percentage of the population who do need it. They should be our focus.

As much as every trainer wants to work purely with athletes, and go by what’s “optimal” its simply not reality. Yes some coaches target competitors and that’s their niche, however those who want and need to train like an athlete make up a very small percentage of the population.

How many people do you think wish they could get motivated to lose a little weight? I can tell you right now, it’s a truckload more than those wanting to “get shredded.” Those wanting to get shredded seem to know everything anyway, so why not be useful and encourage those who are actually begging out for some help, as they are the ones who need us? They are the ones who will actually appreciate the help, and they are the ones who make up the largest percentage of the population.

It’s nice to help those around us, and it gives us something that money cannot buy. It gives a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone achieve something they perhaps could not have done on their own, and for that they will be always grateful. That to me is what it is all about. Encouragement and positivity. Having overall balance yourself, and promoting that to those around you.; practicing what you preach and leading by example.

By looking at the bigger picture, and helping to push a positive message of encouragement this is how the industry will change. This is how you can help make the world fitter and healthier. Arguing online, getting in to debates, worrying about what other people are doing is petty. I for one am not in that game anymore. I don’t give a shit if someone wants to go paleo and cut out glorious carbs from their diet. I need to spend my time on those who want and need my help, and promote what I feel to be the answer to some bigger issues; becoming more active, and having balance.