Just eat!

Here is the thing. You absolutely can eat the foods you enjoy, and still get results. What a lot of people seem to think, is that some foods are inherently bad for you, and some are good. This is quite simply untrue, yet there are a lot of people still stuck on this mindset.

All foods are just foods. They provide energy. They provide enjoyment. They provide deliciousness for your tastebuds and the chef in me has always lived by the mantra that ‘fat is flavour’ (even though fitness Danni knows that personally she is better off on lower fats and higher carbs most of the time, but that’s by the by). Fat is still flavour. And carbs = happiness. Actually, food = happiness too, and denying yourself something you enjoy eating simply because it’s maybe seen as ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ is just silly.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. If this means indulging in a big fat piece of chocolate cake once in a while, then do it. Embrace it. Learn how to still have things like this, in moderation, and in amounts appropriate to you and your goals, and you will still get results.

Sugar, again, if you like it, have it! It’s not bad for you, in amounts appropriate to you and your goals. I have sugar in my tea. Not raw, (which is the same anyway BTW) not natvia or any of those other artificial sweeteners, and not honey because it’s ‘healthier’ (it’s not, it’s still sugar/carb at the end of the day no matter how natural it is) but ordinary, white (delicious) sugar. I have one teaspoon in my English Breakfast tea with milk because that’s how I like it.

I went through a period where I had no sugar. I had herbal teas because they were apparently better for me. Fuck that! I like English Breakfast, and I like it with milk and one sugar. And having it like that 10 times a day may not be the best thing for me, but a cup here and there? It’s happening. It’s delicious. I like it. And I’m not stopping. And now I want tea.

Biscuits! Another treat. I eat them. I like them. Not every day, but every now and again. They are ON my menu along with everything else imaginable. Every food in the world is on my menu, apart from the things I don’t like. I am fortunate enough to not have any allergies. Some of us aren’t. And for obvious reasons any foods you’re allergic too should be avoided. But apart from the plain and simple reason of not liking something, then that is it for foods you should not ever eat. 'Eat these foods to drop belly fat’ pfft please. It’s all nonsense. And the ridiculous notion that there are good and bad foods should not be entertained any longer.

There also seems to still be this phenomenon of whoever suffers the most, and is the most hard core is somehow better than those who are not. Those who restrict themselves to a bland, boring diet in order to become lean are some kind of martyrs because of it. Well not in my eyes. For one the restriction is not only unnecessary, it’s stupid. Who in their right mind would want to live like that? Existing on a bland, limited, restrictive diet of egg whites, green veges and chicken breast? I mean come on, how can that be even remotely enjoyable, no matter how ripped you may be?

The whole idea of ‘dieting’ is ridiculous. The idea that you must restrict until you get to a certain bodyweight or look, then you will 1. Feel better about yourself, and 2. Go back to eating normally, kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Why not simply just eat? Eat for your goals and for enjoyment because the two are not mutually exclusive. Yes food is fuel but food is also culture. It’s festivity, it’s nourishment and enjoyment. It’s part of who we are and where we came from. It’s memories and good times with friends and family. It’s life. To deprive yourself of this huge part of your world and restrict yourself in order to achieve a certain look is just narcissistic and sad.

Having goals based on aesthetics is fine, I have them myself, BUT I also have goals of inner health, and happiness; I would not trade one for the other, they all go hand in hand. I love the strength that comes from weight training, and the feeling of being strong, and healthy. And I love being in control of my nutrition rather than having it control me.

Having balance, and a healthy mindset over having stress about what you can and cant eat is a wonderful thing. Restriction simply controls you, and breeds self loathing and misery. And it is written all over peoples’ faces. Whereas self-confidence and happiness are qualities that beam out of those who have them. This isn’t achieved by getting down to a goal weight or dress size, this comes from being comfortable with who you are, and being happy which for most stems from living a healthy lifestyle inside and out.  

The meaning of life is to be truly happy in ones self. To see such unhappiness stemming from poor self image, and the aftermath of restriction is disappointing. It’s really not difficult. Have balance and practice moderation; eat for your goals, and do things you enjoy. Move a little more, find a sport you like, be more active. And just eat!